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We operate a wide range of balers for straw, hay, haylage and silage. Square bale sizes available for straw are 4x4, 4x3, 3x3. Sizes for hay and haylage are 4x3 and 3x3, and are equipped with additive applicators for preservatives for all crops.

Three variable sizes round balers are available for hay, silage and straw and these are also equipped with additive applicators. We have bale wrappers for both round and square bales, and also bale handlers for wrapped bales and straw bales.

A bale chaser system is employed to clear and stack straw bales quickly and effectively by one operator.


We run three Lexion combines, all fitted with Terra-Trac and 4 wheel drive, and vario headers, with twin vertical knives for direct cutting oil seed rape. All have yield mapping fitted which provides customers with a printed map of fields and yield. Tractors and trailers used for leading grain from the combines are fitted with low ground pressure tyres to reduce compaction in the fields.

To compliment the high output of these combines we have a chaser bin to take the grain off the combines and directly into wagons before transporting to grain stores.


We have a wide range of cultivation and seedbed preparation systems to suit all types of soils and customers preference including ploughing, both on land and in furrow, deep subsoiling, flatlifting, power harrowing, pressing and min-till.

Equipment available for seed bed preparation includes Vaderstad Rexius Twin press, Simba Uni-press, and Simba X-press.

For one pass cultivations a Sumo Trio complete with soil loosening legs, discs and packer can be used.


We have two Vaderstad Rapid drills, an 8metre pulled by a tracked CAT Challenger and a 4metre pulled by a Fendt 722.

We also have four power harrow/drill combination units, two 4metre folding Lemken Solitaire with disc coulters and two 3metre Kuhn with Suffolk coulters.

All drills are capable of drilling from 2kg/ha up to 300kg/ha and can do variable seed rates.

The majority of our tractors are fitted with GPS Auto Steering systems which gives us increased output, accuracy and fuel savings, all of which help to reduce costs.


We run 44tonne GVW bulk tippers for loading grain from our combines to central grain stores, and general bulk haulage during the rest of the year. We also have step frame low loaders for moving plant and machinery anywhere in the country.

During the winter months our wagons are also used to lead straw to our livestock customers.

As assured hauliers under the TASCC scheme we are fully committed to the safe and responsible transport of combinable crops for the food and feed industry.


We spread a variety of material with our 15tonne HD rear delivery spreaders. We have detachable spinner decks which can be fitted for spreading chicken manure, composts and paper waste, which allows a very uniform spread. Our loaders are fitted with weighcells, enabling us to spread the exact amount on the fields that is required.


We have a plant hire and engineering division of the business which caters for all sizes of projects. Our work varies from drainage work, lake excavations, new road and pathway installation to full groundwork projects.

We have 360o excavators with rotating and tilting heads which allow more flexibility for all types of digging work. We also have wheeled diggers and traxcavators fitted with ripper legs.


We run KRM weighcell fertiliser spreaders which are controlled via the GPS system and have auto-start and shutoff therefore saving on fertiliser overlaps. These spreaders are also capable of variable rate spreading and are compatible with most precision farming systems.


We have two self propelled forage harvester teams available for grass, wholecrop and maize. Both machines are fitted with corn crackers for maize and grain mills for wholecrop work. Both low and high volume applicators are fitted.

A wide range of mowers, tedders and rakes are used to suit all crops and conditions.


We have machines that will refurbish farm tracks, mulch scrub land and remove hedges.

We have maize drills that will sow maize with fertiliser placement, and a system which sows the maize, sprays a pre-emergence herbicide on and covers the crop with photodegradable pinhole film. This process enhances the germination of the crop, giving a 2-3 week head start therefore bringing its maturity and harvest date forward.

We run several flat hedge cutters and also have a circular saw attachment for cutting large mature hedges.

We do topsoil inversion which is a very deep single furrow with a shallow one behind. This action puts the topsoil into the bottom of the deep furrow which encourages deep rooting of trees and wild flowers, and we travel nationally to do this work.

We have a large topper/mulcher which is used for maintaining grass fields, margins and horse paddocks. It is also used for topping rape stubbles prior to cultivations for wheat drilling.

We also apply slug pellets using a Stocks FanJet Pro65, spreading from 18 to 24 metres.